CarrierWave: Task List

Below is a list of components left to be developed (those crossed out are completed). 

  1. Core
    1. Persistence adaptors

      1. Hibernate (probably a little stale)

      2. OJB

      3. JDO 

        1. JDORI

        2. KODO

        3. TJDO (deferred)

      4. TOPLink

    2. Finders

      1. Abstract Query Language (using OGNL) - for use with all PersistenceSession implementations

      2. JDO (JDOQL)

    3. Connection Adaptors

      1. RMI

      2. EJB (JBoss and WebLogic)

      3. Local

      4. JMS

    4. ImageableAlias interface type support

    5. ImageableObserver support for update and delete events

    6. ImageableTransient support for marking types as un-persistable

  2. Graph Plan -> Image Graph (ImageGraphFactory)

    1. simple graph instantiation

    2. cyclic graph instantiation

    3. parameterized idiom instantiation

    4. image graph validation via graph plan (validators)

  3. Image Graph Models

    1. Graph Model (cyclic edge/vertex view of Image Graphs)

      • can manipulate a graph via its vertices

      • in/out edges used for referential integrity

    2. Document Model (directed parent/child view of Image Graphs)

      • presents graph as a tree

      • can access values in graph in relation to a doc root object

      • provides type-less access to nodes via paths

    3. Data Model (recordset view of Image Graphs)

      • presents objects as columns and rows

      • sub-sets can be accessed through filters

  4. GiST [graph scripting tool] (command line interface)

    1. pluggable file format

      1. XML - ImageGraph and GraphPlan

      2. Serialized - ImageGraph and GraphPlan

    2. Image Graph Mode

      1. retrieve from persistence, write to file

      2. read from file, send to persistence

      3. list icons/names by type

      4. instantiate to file from Graph Plan

      5. instantiate to file from meta-data (root type/depth)

      6. round trip editing of image graphs

    3. Graph Plan Mode

      1. retrieve from repository, write to file

      2. read from file, sent to repository

      3. remove from repository

      4. list names in repository

      5. instantiate to file from meta-data (root type/depth)

      6. create via Image Graph from file

      7. create via Image Graph from meta-data (name/depth)

  5. Object Editor (graphical interface) (in progress)

  6. Web Services

    1. Axis-xml integration

      1. WSDL generation for Image types

    2. New Iron Systems adapter for messaging over JMS

    3. Dynamic mapping between action objects and web service interfaces

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