This project is intended as an experiment and probably should only be used by those who like to dig around code. For more information on the ideas behind CarrierWave, see this post.

In a nutshell, CarrierWave is a container for adaptive object models. You supply the business objects, CarrierWave provides:

What does this mean to developers and the development organization?

It means;

This overview should provides additional details behind the implementation of CarrierWave.


CarrierWave is distributed and licensed for use under:

The GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991

All files are Copyright 2002 by Vinculum Technologies, Inc., unless otherwise noted. 

See the LICENSE text file included in the distribution archive for more details.


CarrierWave can be downloaded from here.



Friend of a Friend (foaf)

You can now download a simple self contained example from the downloads page. You do not need to download or compile the CarrierWave distribution.

After uncompressing the archive, type 'ant' in the cw-foaf-ex directory. 

When the build completes, type 'xterm -e ./bin/ &' to start the server.

The readme.txt file has details on how to initialize the state of the running 'foaf' server, change server state, and to use the simple 'foaf' client for measuring the 'social distance' between two parties.

Contact Info

For any clarifications, licensing questions, or queries regarding source/binary availability, please drop me a note.

Or, visit the CarrierWave SourceForge site.

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