Package com.vinculumtech.carrierwave.session

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ClientSession ClientSession is the root class for all CarrierWave interactions.
QueryClient The QueryClient class provides the client interface to the 'modify', 'select', 'delete', and 'invoke' functionality on the server.

Methods taking graph plan names will consult the authoritative
RepositoryClient The RepositoryClient class is the root class for all interactions with the remote graph plan repository and local graph plan repository source instances.

The local graph plan sources are adapters for various repository like services.

Exception Summary
ClientSessionException The ClientSessionException is the base exception class for client side exceptions thrown by the ClientSession class.
NotConnectedException A NotConnectedException is thrown if the current ClientSession is not connected to the remote server.
SessionFailureException A SessionFailureException is thrown if there is any unhandled failure from the underlying ORB or application server.

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