Package com.vinculumtech.carrierwave.source

Interface Summary
ExceptionPolicy The ExceptionPolicy interface is intended to be implemented by classes that wish to listen for and handle exceptions thrown inside of a ImageSource concrete class.
ImageSource The ImageSource interface is implemented by classes that provide transparent access to Image instances as reference by a particular Icon.

Class Summary
AbstractImageSource The AbstractImageSource class provides a concrete implementation of the ImageSource interface.
RemoteImageSource The RemoteImageSource class is used to dynamically fault Image instances from the remote server to the local process space.
By specifying the depth, you control how many Image instances are retrieved by each fault.
RespectiveImageGraph A RespectiveImageGraph manages to keep Image instances in their respective partition.
SourcedImageGraph The SourcedImageGraph class is a subclass of ImageGraph where that will delegate requests for an Image instance to an instance of an ImageSource class, if they are not already 'local' to the SourcedImageGraph instance.
Use the getImage( Icon icon ) method to 'boot strap' a given instance of a SourcedImageGraph class.

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