Package com.vinculumtech.platform.root

Interface Summary
PersistenceIdentifiable The PersistenceIdentifiable interfaces tells a given PersistenceSession instance that the implementing class needs to know the identity assigned to it, or that it already knows its identity, and should be consulted.

This interface and its purpsose isn't fully fleshed out, i'm waiting additional use cases and design issues around pending PersistenceSession impls before it is solidified.
PersistenceNamed The PersistenceNamed interfaces tells a given PersistenceSession instance that the implementing class that it already knows its referenceableName, and should be consulted.


Class Summary
ConfigurationRoot ConfigurationRoot is the root location for retrieving all application specific properties.
LoggingRoot The LoggingRoot class is the root of all logging functions.
NamingRoot NamingRoot provides access to selected methods of the application server's JNDI Context.
PersistenceRoot PersistenceRoot is responsible for life cycle management of all persistent objects, and is the sole interface to the persistence engine.
PersistenceSession Each persistence engine has an associated PersistenceSession implementation, which manages the engine-specific state and behavior required to perform persistence operations.

The InMemoryPersistenceSession is the default implementation used by CarrierWave for simple object persistence and querying functinality.
TimerRoot The TimerRoot class provides a very simple abstraction over various scheduled timer service implementations.

Exception Summary
PersistenceException The PersistenceException class encapsulates errors from a specific persistence provider.
todo: consider specialized exceptions for contraint violation and deadlocks etc..

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