Package com.vinculumtech.carrierwave.image

Interface Summary

Class Summary
Image Image is the base abstract class for all client side Imageable representations.
Image.Identity This class represents the identity of a non-reflected Image instance.
ImageGraph The ImageGraph class maintains all Image instances associated in a graph.

When two Image instances are associated by calling the setter on the parent with the child as the arguement, one of three things will happen:
An ImageGraph instance is created to hold both instances.
ImageGraphFactory The ImageGraphFactory class is responsible for instantiating a graph plan into an image graph.
ImageGraphHelper The ImageGraphHelper class provides a set of utilities to manipulate instances of the ImageGraph instances.
ImageHelper The ImageHelper class provides a set of utilities to manipulate Image instances.

Exception Summary
IconOnlyFoundException An IconOnlyFoundException is thrown when a graph of images contains only an Icon at a given edge.
This is typically the case after a 'fuzzy' select.
To prevent this exception from being thrown, use the icon getters on a particular Image subclass, instead of the Image getter.

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