Interface Imageable

All Known Subinterfaces:
ImageableAction, ImageableCollectionFinder, ImageableFinder, ImageableIdentifiable, ImageableObjectFinder
All Known Implementing Classes:
JDOCollectionFinder, JDOObjectFinder, OGNLCollectionFinder, OGNLObjectFinder

public interface Imageable

The Imageable interface is the root tag interface that marks classes that support being externalized via the graph management framework.

All Imageable types support the following source code meta tags.

 For classes (in class javadoc comments)
  @image-no-image-interface // turns off image interface generation for type and subtypes
  @image-implements [interface name] // forces resulting image to implement the given interface
  @image-include-constructors // forces resulting image to implement its parents constructors

 For constructors (in constructor javadoc comments)
  @image-ignore // forces the codegen to ignore this constructor

 For fields (in field javadoc comments)
  @image-contained-type [class type] // explicit decl of base type in container
  @image-readonly // no setters created for struct members
  @image-ignore // forces the codegen to ignore this field
  @image-reference-only // forces codegen to only provide icon setters and getters

 For fields (in class javadoc comments)
  @image-field [field name] [class type]
  @image-value [field name] [primitive default value]
  @image-contained-type [field name] [class type]
  @image-readonly [field name]
  @image-reference-only [field name]

 Only formal class and field comments are supported, not inline comments. For example:

 * some text
 * @image-readonly
 * @image-contained-type String
 private HashMap bunchOfStrings;
This is the same restriction you would see in normal javadoc comments (if you used doclets for parsing).

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